Chair Forum                                             Program Presentation                                    

                                          September 19, 2023                                                September 26, 2023

                                              12-4:30pm - Galion                                                    12-1pm - PA104


Students wishing to apply to the LVMH Chair should have a global mindset and proficiency in English.

They should also possess a strong analytical as well as a creative skill set, allowing them to understand the "big picture" of the luxury industry while maintaining a keen focus on the details.

Finally, students can have an interest in working in any sector of the luxury industry, ranging from creation, marketing, communication and retail to supply chain, manufacturing, and finance.

Number of students admitted: max. 50 per year

LVMH Chair is only available to ESSEC students in MSc in Management and Advanced Master in Marketing. You first have to become an ESSEC STUDENT before applying to the Chair.


The application process consists of three steps:

Step 1: Online Application on the ESSEC website (Opening on Sept. 4 and closing on

           Oct. 2, 2023)

Step 2: Individual recorded video interview (Opening on Sept. 4 and closing on Oct. 2, 2023)

Step 3: Face to face interview for selected candidates (Oct. 9 or 10, 2023)

Individual recorded video interview – Deadline: Oct. 2, 2023 at midnight

This step will allow us to see your profile beyond your CV. Below is the outline of the process of this step.

1. You will see the link to the platform on the confirmation page of your application: In order to log in to the platform, please enter you name, phone number and email address.

2. Test your equipment and do some practice videos: Once you have logged in, you will be able to test your equipment and complete a training video (or several), until you are ready to start with the recorded interview.

3. Be aware of the time limits: There will be 3 questions for you to answer: all questions will have a time limit of 2 minutes.

4. Types of questions: The questions will be on your motivation to join the LVMH Chair, your interest to learn about and possibly work in the luxury industry, and your knowledge and understanding of luxury. 

Important: Please note that you will not be able to re-do the recorded video interview. Once you start with the official questions, you will not be able to restart recording. This is why we encourage you to find a quiet place, make sure your laptop is connected to an outlet, and that you are ready to complete the interview. We also encourage you to complete at least one training video so that you are comfortable with the platform. 

Face to Face interview - October 9 and 10, 2023 

Pre-selected candidates will be invited to attend a face-to-face interview on Cergy Campus.

Candidates will face a jury of 2 people (1 professor from ESSEC, 1 HR representative from LVMH) for a dynamic interview of about 10 minutes.