Video Testimonials


The LVMH Chair Experience by Laure Corvaisier, LVMH Chair 2007,  as International Marketing Director Perfumes & Animation, Parfums Givenchy


The LVMH Chair Experience by Nina Zukanovic, LVMH Chair 2004, as Managing Director of Nicholas Kirkwood (Nina has now moved to a new position and is Executive Vice President Retail and Wholesale North America at Christian Dior Couture)

Alumni Testimonials

Being part of the LVMH Chair was a chance to mix passion and knowledge. The Chair is a unique opportunity to acquire business analytical tools as well as to get an insider view of the industry.

Business courses taught in the Chair such as Luxury Brand Management, Semiotics or Retail Strategy have broadened my knowledge of the sector while giving me the keys to understand the challenges the industry faces now and will face in the future.

Meeting professionals from the LVMH group was an opportunity to share their experience and views on the perspectives of the changing Luxury World. These “behind the scenes” seminars allowed us to deepen the analysis by confronting it to business reality.

The Chair unveiled new possibilities and encouraged me to discover new branches in this industry. Wines & Spirits is an example and that's why I chose to do my apprenticeship at Moët Hennessy Diageo.

Guilhem Parent-Oteiza

LVMH Chair 2009

International Marketing Director Perfumes & Animation 

Parfums Givenchy

When I joined ESSEC, getting accepted into the LVMH Chair was a goal for me. I was fascinated by the luxury world and wanted to develop management skills specifically designed for this unique industry. And the content of the LVMH Chair’s program was, by far, more interesting than I could have ever imagined.The courses taught in the program are really inspiring and give you different kind of insights into the luxury sector.

Luxury is about emotion, passion and dream, and the Chair perfectly embodies these values. The various seminars and « on the field » experiences further contribute to it and provide you a unique chance to meet with professionals at all levels and working in different kind of areas.Even years after graduating from the LVMH Chair, the knowledge I acquired during that period still proves to be useful.

Vincent NGUYEN

LVMH Chair 2016

Jewelry Group Product Marketing Senior Manager