The Future of Luxury

LVMH Chair at a Glance

Length 6 months

Language English

Class Size 50 students max.

Who can apply? ESSEC MSc. in Management students;                           Students from the Mastère Spécialisé                                                  Marketing Management et Digital in Cergy                                          (MMD)

The LVMH Chair: the FUTURE of LUXURY

Jointly created by ESSEC and the LVMH Group in 1991, the LVMH Chair is the longest-standing program worldwide specially dedicated to training young talents for careers in the luxury industry.

The LVMH Chair offers students a unique program that integrates theoretical knowledge through courses given by ESSEC professors and practical expertise through conferences given by LVMH managers. Students will be able to immerse themselves in the world of luxury and the LVMH ecosystem, travelling through métiers and each step of the value chain: from design and creation, to brand management, supply chain and manufacturing, digital transformation and entrepreneurship, client excellence and sustainability. The guest lectures given by the LVMH managers are the highlight for many LVMH Chair students as they are exposed to various LVMH Houses and topics, ranging from launching a new fragrance to managing the digital strategy of a luxury brand to dealing with supply chain challenges to meet customer expectations. The LVMH Chair also provides participants with hands-on experience through exclusive company visits and a business case.

Finally, being part of the LVMH Chair also means joining the luxury community at ESSEC. The chair alumni community is very active and involved in organising events several times per year. In addition, our alumni are recognized all over the world and extremely well represented in the luxury industry.

The website will give you additional information about the Chair and its contents. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email:

Delphine Dion, Ph.D.

LVMH Chaired Professor

The New Chair provides

To learn more: Download the LVMH Chair Brochure 


Exclusive digital content offering an immersion into the world of luxury and the LVMH Group, exclusive visits to LVMH maisons and invitations to curated luxury events, a business case with LVMH, access to a large and active alumni community of luxury professionals.


The LVMH chair gives students a global overview of the strategies as well as the challenges involved with managing luxury brands. The chair exposes students to all 5 sectors of the luxury industry including: Fashion and Leather goods, Watches and Jewellery, Wine and Spirits, Perfumes and Cosmetics, and Selective Distribution, which provides students with a global perspective of the luxury industry. 

In addition, through exclusive video testimonials from LVMH Managers as well as guest lectures by senior executives and managers from the LVMH group, this program offers an immersion into LVMH Group’s 6 fields of expertise: Design and Creation, Brand Management, Supply Chain and Manufacturing, Digital transformation & Entrepreneurship,  Client Excellence and Sustainability. 

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