Video Testimonials

The LVMH chair experience by Matthieu Jacquot

The LVMH chair experience by Marine Desmas


The LVMH chair experience by Guilhem Parent Oteiza

The LVMH chair experience by Laetitia Lumbroso

Alumni Testimonials

Being part of the LVMH Chair was a chance to mix passion and knowledge. The Chair is a unique opportunity to acquire business analytical tools as well as to get an insider view of the industry.

Business courses taught in the Chair such as Luxury Brand Management, Semiotics or Retail Strategy have broadened my knowledge of the sector while giving me the keys to understand the challenges the industry faces now and will face in the future.

Meeting professionals from the LVMH group was an opportunity to share their experience and views on the perspectives of the changing Luxury World. These “behind the scenes” seminars allowed us to deepen the analysis by confronting it to business reality.

The chair unveiled new possibilities and encouraged me to discover new branches in this industry. Wines & Spirits is an example and that's why I chose to do my apprenticeship at Moët Hennessy Diageo.

Guilhem Parent-Oteiza
LVMH Chair Alumni 2009
International Skincare Group Manager

My passion for the wine & spirits industry led me to my first internship at one of the most prestigious brand: Dom Pérignon. It is thanks to that enriching experience that I then integrated the LVMH Chair at Essec.
The chair framework and its inherent environment provided a truly stimulating experience throughout my year in the program. The chair’s diverse student body and the quality of high-level speakers enables you to gain a thorough birds-eye view of the luxury sector.

After graduating, I worked in New York for Moët Hennessy USA as an associate brand manager on the Cognac Prestige range. My next experience took me back to France as an International Brand Manager on Hennessy. Currently I am Senior Brand Manager Krug & Mercier and I keep the Chair attitude to drive the business: be details-driven while always remaining open-minded and curious in my search for creativity.
I was perfectly prepared for a career at LVMH.

Amaury Vinclet
LVMH Chair Alumni 2003
Senior Brand Manager Krug - Mercier

The LVMH-Essec Chair has been, for me, the key to jobs of passion: accounts given by experts, unique skills and know-how, discovery of the richness and of the patrimony of LVMH Houses. All of these academic discussions, combined with several internships (Wines & Spirits in NYC, Couture, then finally Cosmetics), enabled me to reinforce my career choices.

Today, after ten years of experience in the industry of Fashion and Luxury, I am currently Collections Director within the Christian Dior House. The values that were conveyed by the Chair, throughout its education, have turned into reality: excellence, highest standards, responsibilities, and ambition, always in the name of creativity.

Laetitia Lumbroso
LVMH Chair Alumni 2002
Collections Director - Baby Dior

Student Testimonials

What drew me to the LVMH Chair is the same aspiration that drove me towards the luxury industry in the first place: the pursuit of excellence to make dreams come true. In luxury, the excellence of product and service is the key to every successful brand. Each brand has its unique identity that was created and strengthened by generations of innovative, passionate and determined people, who always strived to do their best.

The Chair gave us insights into the industry so as to prepare us to step in this world, to keep delivering dreams by generating and managing the business growth. So I want to say thank you, LVMH Chair, for providing us with such a great platform to meet professionals in the luxury business, people who are passionate about their work, ambitious about their careers yet humble with others.

The six months flew by with all these fancy events, inspirational seminars, exciting visits and field projects, which together made up my greatest experiences and best memories at ESSEC.

Start with a leader, stay with a leader. LVMH Group is definitely the leader in the luxury world, and so is this Chair.

LVMH Chair Student 2014
Internship following the Chair: International operational marketing assistant at FRED Joaillier in Paris

One of the main reasons for me to apply to ESSEC Business School was exactly the LVMH Chair.
In fact, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all business students that would like to explore the luxury industry and make a career out of it.
The Chair program revealed to me many facets of the exclusive world of luxury. It allowed me to see behind the scenes and to learn not only about the history and know-how of the maisons but also to gain valuable insights on managerial, marketing and communication techniques applied throughout the industry.
The LVMH Chair opened many doors to me and gave me the opportunity to make my dream come true and work for Maison Hennessy in Paris. Today, I feel a part of those that still can make people dream….

Ekaterina Hadjipetkova
LVMH Chair Student 2011
Internship following the Chair: 6 months Internship at Maison Hennessy