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A word from the employers

We have asked the students from the LVMH Chair to work for us at Moët Hennessy on different occasions and on various topics. Their fieldwork contribution has always been insightful and a true help to move forward with our initiatives. First, I think the combination of diverse backgrounds, cultures, skill sets and personalities is one of the biggest assets of the Chair and the reason why the students recommendations are usually comprehensive and creative, with good balance between hard and soft angles. Then, the outside-in perspective has also proven to be a powerful approach and a great way to bring some fresh air on our traditional thinking.  Last, the solid coaching that students receive from their faculty is also a guarantee that the team will not get stuck in side ways.

The last brief we gave them was to provide us with routes to explore for our digital marketing on the French market. The scope of work included a deep understanding of each of our Champagne & Spirits brands, a thorough digital benchmark inside and outside the Wines & Spirits industry as well as an insight generation stage to convert the findings into actionable plans. A vast task to perform in a few weeks... The different intermediary and final presentations were fact based, comprehensive, eye opening, innovative in many ways and did provide us with multiple leads and ideas to follow up.
A big thanks to the LVMH Chair!

Thomas Bouleuc, Marketing Director
Moët Hennessy Diageo France